oDC 5.31 for Windows 10


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oDC is an acronym for Opera's DC++ which is based on the popular Direct Connect clone "DC++".

oDC is an acronym for Opera's DC++ which is based on the popular Direct Connect clone "DC++".
Since DC++ is open source, you can download the source code and start modifying it. This is what I have done. To do this, you need to stick to GPL (GNU General Public License). That's why I release my modifications as well.

First of all we have to understand what oDC really is about.
I started oDC because;
1. I couldn't. I didn't know c++ (the programming language dc++ is written in).
2. I could. dc++ (and all its mods) is open source, which means; the source code is out there. Modify. Compile. Run!
3. I had nothing else to do (white lie).
You can see oDC as version of dc++ that's always (almost) "more beta". I implement new features (rarely remove any, if ever done..), which means I "implement" new bugs.
This is a reason for some people not to use it. For others it's a matter of principles, and a few thinks it's worth it, for the fact of getting more features. But oDC still is, and always will be a feature rich "nightly build" of dc++. Anyway, if you think the following sounds interresting, you might wanna try oDC.

What oDC has, and dc++ has not (everything is not presented here):
- Web links opens in new windows, instead of existing ones
- Seconds are shown in timestamps
- The sfv-check tells the result in the lowest status bar
- Auto-complete user names in main chat
- Skiplist. Files you don't want to be downloaded will be skipped
- Popup-menu for url's. Uou can either "Open", "Save as..." or "Add to Winamp playlist"
- "Go to file" in the popup menu in the search result window. Downloads the file list and "goes" to (focuses on) the file
- Notification in PM's when the user goes offline so you won't have to write messages that he/she won't see
- "Auto-search for alternatives" on both folders and multiple selected files
- User-specified textcolor (not just 16 colors, but Any color)
- User-defined colors in main chat (multicolor ie)
- Filter useless NMDC messages
- Filter in the user list. This way you can easily find users in the list
- Added icons to the window tabs, so you can easily see what that specific tab is (optional)
- Fast auto-search algorithm for the "search for alternatives" feature
- Customized colors for the progress bar in the transfer window
- Fast search for alternates for "releases"
- /lastlog feature
- Support for multi-button-mice
- Vertical tile feature to be able to tile sub-windows vertically, not only horizontally
- Option (in the View-menu) to show/hide the transfer window
- "File menu" to the transfer menu, to open incomplete files (or its folder[s])
- Web Shortcuts. Now you can type eg. "/g [search string]" to search google directly from chat
- File information (dimmed) in transfer window for files not beeing currently downloaded but is waiting
- Update check feature